miniMIZE 1.0

A tool for placing on your desktop thumbnails of your minimized windows
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MiniMIZE is a very light and easy-to-use software application designed to change the way your Windows System manages your minimized windows. Rather than showing you the typical buttons on your system taskbar - each labeled with the window's title - MiniMIZE places a thumbnail of each window on your desktop, thus helping you to locate and identify each of them much more quickly and easily.

The program is very easy to install, and does not require your system to be restarted. As soon as you install the program, it will apply its new minimizing effect to all your active windows. It runs in the background, placing just a little icon on your system tray area, which gives you access to its configuration options. Among these, you can choose to set it to launch automatically when Microsoft Windows starts, whether to hide the traditional taskbar buttons or not when minimizing, how to restore the minimized windows (with a single or a double click), and where on the desktop you want the first thumbnail to be placed and the layout pattern the others will follow. You are also allowed to add exclusions, to prevent certain applications from being shown as thumbnails.

The program was originally designed for Windows XP, but it was also tested to work on Vista, provided that the "Windows XP Service Pack 2" compatibility is turned on for MiniMIZE.

Ricardo Soria
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